2023 Odyssey Tour

2023 Odyssey Tour



The latest show from the internationally acclaimed group Celtic Thunder, ODYSSEY is a fascinating exploration of Irish music and culture, firmly grounded in the ensemble’s impressive history, while ambitiously forging new paths.

In ODYSSEY, Celtic Thunder invites audiences on a sweeping voyage through the heartlands of traditional Irish music, the rhythmic pulse of contemporary Irish music, and the innovative original arrangements that are emblematic of the ensemble’s unique sound. The shared musical chemistry of Celtic Thunder’s lead vocalists Ryan Kelly, Damian McGinty, Neil Byrne, and Emmet Cahill, gives the show its compelling power, while each singer adds their distinctive voice and charm to this musical journey, creating a harmonious blend that appeals to a broad spectrum of tastes. The ODYSSEY songbook is steeped in their Irish heritage and weaves a rich tapestry of emotional and musical tones.

Audiences will be swept up in an energetic rendition of Go Lassie Go“, a traditional folk song that has been given a new lease of life through Celtic Thunder’s vibrant harmonies and fresh musical interpretation. The poignant City of Chicago serves as a moving tribute to the Irish diaspora, resonating deeply with its heartfelt lyrics and evocative melodies. And The Parting Glass“, an iconic classic from the annals of Irish music, is delivered with such profound emotion that it reverberates through the soul.

Memorable musical moments take place on a stage that brilliantly embodies the ethereal mystique of Celtic folklore and the grounded reality of contemporary Irish life. The talented Celtic Thunder Band lends their instrumental prowess throughout, providing an authentic and sonically rich backdrop to the vocal performances. A world-class production quality and stunning lighting design paint an atmospheric picture that enhances the emotive resonance of the songs. Detailed and elegant costumes strike a balance between traditional Celtic attire and modern aesthetics, symbolizing the group’s successful fusion of the old and the new.

ODYSSEY is not simply a concert; it’s a powerful theatrical experience that honors Celtic Thunder’s rich musical legacy and simultaneously blazes new trails. An evocative journey through time, sound, and culture, as educational as it is entertaining. The captivating blend of music, storytelling, and atmospheric stagecraft makes “Odyssey” a must-see spectacle for fans of Celtic Thunder and Irish music in general.

Get the full Odyssey experience with the Odyssey Event Passes!

Sound Check Event

Begin your family night out with an exclusive pre-show Sound Check Event Pass! You and your family can enjoy a 30-40 minute exclusive ‘behind the scenes glimpse’ of the Celtic Thunder ‘Odyssey’ Tour, as you watch all the guys and band sound check the stage and rehearse 3/4 numbers for that night’s show. Enjoy your general seating at center stage where you can take front row photos, or just sit back and listen to the magic of Celtic Thunder on stage in a relaxed/casual environment. This is an non-interactive event, and a pre-show rehearsal.

VIP After Party Event –

During the VIP After-show event, you will enjoy a fully interactive and informative Q&A, some of the answers may surprise you, some will keep you laughing! Test your Celtic Thunder knowledge with a fun game of Trivia, all winners receive a prize! Be sure to bring your camera and have your individual photo taken with each singer for you to share with family and loved ones. What better way for the Celtic Thunder Community to get together and have a lot of fun, share in your Celtic Thunder experiences, catch up with old friend and maybe make a few new ones! Truly a family night out you will remember for years to come.

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