What is Stageit?

Stageit is a web-based performance venue headquartered in Hollywood, CA. It hosts paid performances by musical artists who perform live via webcam. Artists choose when they want to perform and for how long.

I am already registered on the Celtic Thunder Website, why do I have register again the Stagit Website?

The Stagit is a third party website, with no affiliation or technical support with Celtic Thunder. You may register on the Stagit Website for free here. If you experience issues registering or other technical support, please use the link above and click ‘contact’ at the bottom of the page.

How much does it cost?

While registering on the Stagit website is free, there may be a minimal fee to cover cost to host the LIVE event. The Celtic Thunder at Home Entertainment Series shows cost $15 (USD) per show or 150 Stageit ‘notes’, for each HOUR long show.

What are Stageit Notes?

Notes are Stageit’s currency IN USD. 1 Note = 10¢. Therefore 10 Notes = $1. However, you can only purchase a minimum of 50 notes at ($5) at a time.  Users may purchase as many Stageit notes as they wish.

Is Stagit interactive or do I just sit and watch?

Stageit allows both fans and artists to be part of the show. Fans are encouraged to ask the artist questions, request songs, and even chat with other fans during the show. You can also just sit back, relax and enjoy the show and read what’s going on in the live chat.

What is ‘Hitchhiking’ to a show?

For users that can not afford a show ticket, they may request to ‘Hitchhike’ to a show – Your request to ‘Hitchhike’ can be posted up in each shows chat room. If a paid ticket holder accepts your request to ‘Hitchhike’, they have agreed to paid for your show ticket for you.

How do I watch the shows?

The shows may be viewed on any Desktop or Laptop computer, Tablet, mobile phone or SMART Television that has Internet Access.

What is the Internet Browser I need to use from my device?

Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are preferred. The Stageit websites does support Internet Explorer 9 and above.

Do I need a really fast Internet Connection?

Typically, Stageit requires a minimum download speed of 400 kbps. However, they recommend a download speed of at least 1 mbps. You can test the speed of your internet connection here.

Do I need special software to watch the shows?

The Stagit Website uses the Microsoft Media Player that comes with your device using the standard Adobe Flash Player software that is standard with any device. Your device is requires to have the latest Adobe Flash Player when viewing from a laptop or desktop computer. Please check to ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash by clicking here.

Can I watch the shows from my Mobile Device?

The website supports all mobile device, including iOS and most Android devices.

I can’t make the times of the scheduled shows, can I go back and watch later?

The Stageit Performances are not archived to watch later or duplicated for distribution. That’s right! Every Stageit show is an once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s not to be missed.

Who will be present during the shows?

The Stageit Guys hosting will be Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne, Emmet Cahill and Damian McGinty.

Are we able to find out which host will be on which day?

No, you’ll have to tune in to find out!

What are these Bonus Rewards I’ve been hearing about?

Stageit Bonus Rewards are a companion to your Stageit Show ticket, and are not required to purchase to join the show. These are additional benefits for users to enjoy, with each Bonus Rewards offered at different levels. Each level are based on the websites currency of ‘notes’. Users will be contacted soon after the show to the email address registered to purchase the Stageit show ticket, with instructions how to redeem their Bonus Rewards.

Ok, I have purchased my show ticket – what’s next?

The Stageit Website has an interactive chatroom, where you can chat in real time with Celtic Thunder Fans across the globe. While there is no moderation outside of the shows, registered users are able to participate in chat and receive private messages. As with any chatroom, please use caution when chatting in open forum, keeping privacy and safety in mind. If you experience issues joining the LIVE show on the designated time/date of the show you’ve purchased, please find your confirmation email of your ticket purchase, and click into the link from there.