I hope you are safe and well and looking after yourself and your loved ones and friends during these very strange times. I know it’s difficult but hopefully adhering to the rules that we are asked to follow by governments over the world will see us come out of this safe and sound and maybe even better people and we will appreciate a lot of the simple pleasures in life that we may have taken for granted for a long time things like hugs, talking, walking, socializing with family and friends and just spending quality time together. I think this pandemic will teach us that our real valuable possessions can’t be bought with money and help us recognize what really matters and what does not.

I’ve got so many lovely emails from people saying Celtic Thunder is helping them keep going at this difficult time I also see that Celtic Thunder watch parties are a regular source of entertainment now on our Celtic Thunder Official Facebook page …the comments are great and its lovely to see the guys and their music keeping you happy (and perhaps Sane!) at this time. Please keep sending me your Celtic Thunder poems and short stories and how being part of the ever growing Celtic Thunder family has enriched your life and we will share them on our website.

Another way to pass the time that some of you may not be familiar with would be to visit the Celtic Thunder’s Official YouTube Channel , where you can create your own playlist of Celtic Thunder Music that will stream across any device.

I hope that many of you have managed to get tickets for the fall tour we are keeping a positive attitude that this will all be over before then and you will get to see the guys perform a lot of people have said it’s something for them to look forward to and keep them going. Some of the venues have postponed the Celtic Thunder Fan Club Presales and we will keep the Celtic Thunder Tour Page updated as we receive information from the venue promoters.

We are emailing to wish you all well and to say please look after yourself and stay healthy but mostly we wanted to thank you for your continued support of Celtic Thunder. Family and friendships are two of the greatest facilitators of happiness and we wanted to thank you our Celtic Thunder family for making us and each other happy during this very difficult time for us all. We hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter albeit it in isolation and the good news is that Chocolate doesn’t affect this virus!

Take care and stay safe and Happy Easter to everyone!

Elaine, Dec & Chris Your Celtic Thunder Fan Club
and Online Store Crew