Celtic Thunder – ‘Storm’ delves into a different aspect of the Celtic past, the struggle for land, security and acceptance. The magnitude of the show’s set combined with the creative musical arrangements and engaging choreography make for a compelling experience all around. Storm is a turbulent, raucous battle between the darkness of gypsies and the resolution of the settlers, both fighting for the same piece of land. The gypsies have inhabited the land for generations and the settlers are looking to put down roots and build their community. Irish culture and tradition permeate throughout the stage. The power behind Sharon Browne’s production comes from her creative and thematic juxtapositions of light and dark, youth and life experiences, as well as energetic ensemble numbers and heartfelt solo showcases. In the tradition of Celtic Thunder’s previous releases, Storm’s show-stopping musical performances include the bold and daring Stand And Deliver, the comedic and youthful Look At Me, and a wonderfully new a cappella arrangement of the beloved classic Lagan Love.


01 – Storm Overture
02 – New Day Dawning
03 – Outside Looking In
04 – When You Are 18
05 – Life In The Old Dog Yet
06 – Not The One
07 – Stand And Deliver
08 – The Highwayman
09 – Lagan Love
10 – Midnight Well
11 – Shadow’s Dancing
12 – Harry’s Game
13 – Tender is The Night
14 – This Was My Life
15 – Look At Me
16 – Hail The Hero (Mo Ghile Mear)


01 – New Day Dawning
02 – Outside Looking In
03 – When You Are 18
04 – Life In The Old Dog Yet
05 – Not The One
06 – Stand And Deliver
07 – The Highwayman
08 – Lagan Love
09 – Midnight Well
10 – Shadow’s Dancing
11 – Harry’s Game
12 – Tender Is The Night
13 – This Was My Life
14 – Look At Me
15 – Hail The Hero