Celtic Thunder is delighted to offer the Celtic Thunder Fans this very special debut solo album from Celtic Thunder’s Musical Director, David Munro.


As an avid lover of theater, I took my starting point for this album from a variety of themes that I could reflect on and relate to. From these ideas I developed a series of musical portraits, which eventually evolved into ‘Undiscovered Reflections’. The narratives and images from which I worked have been noted below in order for the listener to get a sense of each piece’s origin. However, regardless of the written descriptions and figurative titles, it is both impossible and unnecessary to dictate what the listener will take from hearing this music; but rather I offer it up in the hope that in listening, you will find something for yourself. – David Munro (Composer, Pianist, Musical Director)

In listening now to his work, the musical integrity…the humility…the humanity…all shine through. And, while listening, I am looking out my window here, between the mountain and the Mask (Lough)…and I see in the outside world…the constancy of stone walls, the foreverness of fields and the wonder of wind-wavering trees…with the great Skymaster above it…above us, all..and, in the moment…in the list moment of the music, it all makes sense…and I thank him. – Brendan Graham (Song Writer ‘You Raise Me UP’)

This is one of the reasons I became a musician. When I listen to music like this, it inspired and excites me about the creative and emotional side of it all. – Neil Byrne – (Celtic Thunder)

Do yourself a favor…listen to this…close your eyes and let those images it creates fill your mind…It’s what beautiful music does…Bravo! – Ryan Kelly (Celtic Thunder)




Anticipation Meets Reality
Awaken To Dreaming
The Abandoned Palace
I Hope Climb Is Worth It
The Dirty Little Rag
Getting Out Of Life

Aspects (Harmonic Variations):

Variation i) Searching For The Idea
Variation ii) The Waltz Of Madness
Variation iii) The Chase
Variation iv) Secrets Of The Cathedral
Variation v) Caught In The Maze
Variation vi) Oceans
Variation vii) Rude Man
Variation viii) Cycle Of Thinking
Variation ix) Mighty Nature
Memory Remembered
Not A Care In The World