In NYC in September 2018, Damian’s Street Team Admins presented him with many gifts including Gift Cards and Birthday cards signed by the many street team and Celtic Thunder members. He was also presented with two handmade quilts these quilts were lovingly made by July Wolff over a 6 month period. Many of Damian’s younger fans drew pictures for him and Judy copied them onto fabric to make a quilt from them. That Quilt was named “Damian’s Dreamers”.

Damian was very overwhelmed, and surprised that his Admins did all this without him finding out. Even Damian’s Mom Joanne and his Aunt Marie knew about the quilts and even helped Judy with some of the pictures.

Judy said “Damian, these quilts were made to show you how much your music means to others. I tried to show your life from beginning to now. You have accomplished a lot and continue to grow in your music. You are honest, down to earth and treat your fans like family, that’s why we all love you. Thank You for sharing with us your love of music”.

The photos include the quilts and also a photo of the entire street team that were there the night of the presentation and some of Damian’s dreamers, and the photos show the fun on the night and how overwhelmed Damian was about receiving these wonderful and thoughtful gifts from his street team and their admins.

On a side note we had to include this beautiful picture of 3 of Brisa Kapadia’s children William Rebekah and Benjamin (Brisa is a member of Damians street team) their little outfits were also made by Judy and Damian insisted on the photo of him getting taken with the children when he saw how cute they looked!