We received this wonderful letter from Diane Foust to the guys and she gave us permission to post it in the Celtic Thunder Fanclub corner, Thank You Diane.

“For my Birthday this year from my Husband Gary, I received the most wonderful gift.  He purchased the Platinum Fan Club membership, tickets for the Cincinnati Ohio concert on October 19th, 2018, sound check tickets and the VIP.  (I turned 58 in September).

Gary and I will be married 37 years on November 28th. I have been working with the United States Marines for the last 15 years.  I am so very blessed to be called MOMMA Foust by upwards of 1 thousand Marines over the years.

We have a Married Daughter Shannon she has two children. Our son Jason is married and has a son.

A bit back in time, don’t worry not 1960 when I was born.

We were a musical family.  My children played in the school band, my husband still to this day plays the guitar, and I played the violin.  We always had music playing, we would always sing along.

Around the end of 2003-2004 I stopped listing to music.  I noticed that when I would listen to music I no longer enjoyed it.  The songs where sad, angry, violent.  I just stopped all together, I did not find joy or love listing to music any longer.

In 2012 is when I found Celtic Thunder.  I was in the hospital and they only have maybe 5 channels on the TV.  I kept changing the channel and this group of men were singing.  I thought I would give the show a go.  WOW am I glad I didn’t change the channel, because watching CT changed my life.

When I got out of the Hospital I googled Celtic Thunder.  I watched and listened to every single song over and over, and still do.

I know so many of thousands listen to Celtic Thunder’s Music, have watched their videos and seen them live in concert.  Each person has their reasons and their own story, here is mine.

When I started watching their videos, I noticed that I would always have a smile on my face.  Why the difference?  When I would watch them sing, you can tell that each and every one of them love what they do.  As they look at one another, everyone can see the true friendship and brotherly love.  You can watch other singers, as I put it, they act like actors who can sing., not Celtic Thunder.  They are just being themselves, and it is so obvious that they are supposed to be doing what they are doing.  I would like for them to watch their videos, but don’t watch themselves, watch the other singers, hopefully they will see what I see.

I had been in and out of the hospital off and on from 2012 until 2016, sometimes weeks at a time. Seeing them live in concert I thought would never happen.  Around March of 2016 I finally started feeling and doing so much better.  My husband knew that I always wanted to go see Celtic Thunder live in concert.  On his own he found a venue close to our home and bought concert tickets and the VIP tickets for the Indianapolis show in September 2016.  The only thing was he bought them in May, for my Birthday which is in September and could not keep it a secret.  He said that there was no way he could wait to tell me.  He felt comfortable by the location because the distance from home wasn’t that far, in case I got sick.  He even got Hotel for the night.

We had the time of our lives that night.  The best night out in many years.  We had Michael and Neil at our meet and greet.  I remember talking to David and telling him while tears starting flowing down my face he had no idea what the night meant to me.  I didn’t want the night to end.

On November 11th 2016, I had a checkup appointment with my family doctor.  As my luck had it I woke up that morning not feeling my best.  So good thing I was already going to the doctors.  When we pulled up and got out I told my husband to hurry up and get me in I didn’t feel the best. The next thing I remember was being in the hospital and 3 days had passed.  I had a grand Mal seizure in the lobby of the doctors.  I lost 3 days because of the seizure.  I stayed in the hospital for a full week.  Then it was off to see specialist after specialist.  I was diagnosed with epilepsy. They put me on anti-seizure medicine.  I was not allowed to drive, not use power tools, couldn’t even take a bath had to take only showers.  It was safety reason that they put you on in case you have a seizure.

I had to go every 3 months for check-ups to see how I was doing.  I was doing great.  After 6 months seizure free and almost ready to drive and go back to normal life I had another seizure.  During testing while in the hospital they found 2 brain Aneurysm’s.  They said the one was behind my right eye and if it blew they could take care of it.  If the other one blew there would be no hope.  But I always have hope.  I go every 6 months to have them checked.  I am doing great once again.  The doctor said I could have had them for years but they were never found.

In September 2017 my younger brother was told he had cancer just two weeks after his 50th Birthday.  He started treatments and told his doctor he didn’t want a timeline.

The beginning of this year, everything was going great.  In March is when I saw that Celtic Thunder was coming to Cincinnati.  That is only a 35 minute drive for us.  So for my birthday again my husband got me not only the Platinum membership but Sound Check Tickets, the concert and the VIP meet and greet, yes he is awesome.  He even got a hotel for the night that looked over fountain square.

In May my brother was given horrible news.  The cancer had spread to his colon, liver and his lungs and is stage 4.  He still did not want to be given a time line.  He continued his treatments.

My mom and dad live down the street from me, across the street 3 doors down.  My husband and I will walk down for a visit from time to time.  We went down one night to visit and to check on them.  When we left my dad was sleeping in his chair, I told my mom tell him we will see him later I didn’t want to wake him up.  At 5:45 the next morning my mom called my husband’s cell phone saying that she had to call the ambulance that my dad had fallen and was in the hall.  I threw my shoes on and walked to their house.  The emergency workers where already there.  I will not go into all of the sad details, but 45 minutes later he was gone.  This was September 19th one month before we were to go to the concert.  Of course there was much to do in the following days and weeks.  I was staying with my mom, and my sister would come when she could.  I told them that the only thing that I had planned was my Concert to see Celtic Thunder in the weeks ahead, which I would not got so I could make sure that if my mom needed anything I would be there.  My mom said absolutely not, your dad and I both know how much and how long you have been looking forward to seeing them you go.  So my sister came to stay with her.

Two weeks after my dad passed away, my brother was rushed to the hospital.  They told us that they didn’t know if he was going to make it.  Remember I said there is always hope?  He got better and got to go home.  He is doing as well as can be.  He is still hanging in there.  He made a joke telling me that there was no way he was going to leave yet he had to hear all about the concert.

About 3 months before the concert I starting thinking of a gift that I could make for all the guys in Celtic Thunder.  I was thinking about their long bus rides and their stays in hotels.  Then it hit me to make corn whole sets for them.  Of course not the full size ones but the mini ones.  I started right away.  I have issues of sleeping too much.  Sometime up to 26 hours at a time.  They still don’t know why.  That’s why I started as soon as I could. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get them done.  There would be days that I only worked on them for 30 minutes at a time.  But it gave me some days a reason to stay awake, I had to get them done.

I wanted to make something for them, to give you something from me.  To hopefully give you a few hours of fun.  They have given me many years of joy with your music.

The big day is finally here. I woke up for once early on the 19th of October about 10 am, my day for my concert.  I had so much energy, I could not quit smiling.  My family told me to turn off my phone, don’t check it, we won’t be calling or texting you today or tonight.  If there is anything you need to know we will tell you later.  So I did what they said, turned off the cell phone, and didn’t check it.  I even had someone spend the night at my house with my service dog Tanner so we could just have a night without worries.

Everything could not have been better.  We left the house, no traffic, got to the hotel got our room no problems.  We decided to walk to the venue since it was only 3 blocks away.  We got there for the sound check in plenty of time.  We walked back to the hotel when the sound check was over.  Had a snack and walked back to the venue for the concert and VIP meet and greet afterwards.  After that we walked to a restaurant and had dinner.

The Sound Check what you really saw! We got to the venue early for the sound check.  Everyone that was in the lobby waiting to go in we were all very chatty. We were all excited about being there.  I admit I probably talked way more than anyone.

When the doors opened, I was the first one threw the doors.  I was waving with all my might, tears running down my face, saying to myself I made it I am really here, there they are.  I walked faster down the aisle than I have walked in a long time.  I couldn’t believe my luck, I got front row dead center seats.  When my husband and I sat down, I kept tapping him on the arm saying I’m here I’m really here.  Can you believe it I’m here?  Look honey there they are, I made it we are here.  I couldn’t sit still, I kept laughing.  I told my husband I am acting like I am 14 years old.  He with the biggest smile said, I am so happy for you honey.  I watched each and every one of them with such joy.  When they were finished and came down to sit at the edge of the stage I started tapping his knee, there they are, there they are.  I did get to ask a couple of questions.  I wish I had written down what I wanted to ask.  Then we got to have our photos taken with all of them.  No I didn’t push anyone out of the way I took my turn.  I did get to give each of them the gift I made.  I am so thankful he got the sound check tickets.  He even said it was like our own personal concert.  The both of us enjoyed it so very much.

The final note. I hope that you can tell that they all have given me the love of music back.  For this words can never begin to tell you how much of a difference my life is having a song back in my heart.  October 19th will be one of the best and most amazing times of my life.

 From the moment we walked in the doors for the sound check until the very last moment after the VIP meet and great, I didn’t have a worry in the world.  I thank them so much for this.  Every minute of the night was my favorite.  The concert was just amazing, from the first note played until the last.  I so loved being able to be a part of the night.  I would not change a thing, well maybe the night lasting longer.  People feel like they know them because they share so much with them, the most important thing, and their music.

Everyone asks do you have a favorite singer?  I tell them no.  I have a favorite things about each one of them.  One of the big things that makes them so very different than all the other groups out there, is their true love of what they do.  With social media being what it is today, I have never read, or heard anything negative about any of them, which is a very rare thing in today’s times.

I was so excited when the photos were posted of the sound check.  When I saw it I was so embarrassed.  Neil I am so very sorry.  I made myself right at home.  Um I had my arm resting on your leg.

One other note, I have only been to 4 concerts in my life and half have been to see Celtic Thunder. Before I forget, the bags for the corn whole sets have recycled plastic pellets in them, not corn, lol.  If they need extra bags just let me know.

I will close here.  I did edit this version the other ones where way longer, I know hard to believe. Thank you each of them for all that they have given me.  I did attach the photo from the sound check so you know who is writing them.  I am the older not elderly blonde next to my husband Gary.

Thank you for taking the time reading this.

Happiest of regards
Diane Foust”