Hi Celtic Thunder,

I want to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Celtic Thunder.  What a way to celebrate ten years!  My daughter and I had an incredible time watching the performance not only in DC but the following day in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a great bonding weekend for us and what topped it off was that my mother was able to join us in Pittsburgh, PA. 

What a blessing it is that Celtic Thunder can appeal to multi-generations the way they do. I don’t think there are too many entertainers that can do that. Each time we see Celtic Thunder, we also connect with the fans around us. We had a lot of fun with people we didn’t even know because of them.  In addition to all of that, they have helped me get the spring back in my step. My family and I have been through a couple of rough years. 

To be honest, not too much has made me smile. “Celtic Thunder X” has so much fun and energetic music that I actually dance around the house. We are slowly on the mend now and Celtic Thunder has helped, and the Inspirational CD has also played its part in that too. We have had a few life lessons taught with some of those selections. I feel more like myself and my relationship with my daughter gets stronger all the time. 

My son said he would enjoy their music more if he didn’t have to hear it all the time, but he’ll have to get used to it. 😉 We have seen them in concert three times now, and someone was unavailable each time. I’d like to say that we will keep coming until all are present but to be honest, we will keep coming as long as they are still around. 

We really missed Michael and hope he is doing well. It was amazing how they were able to pull off such an incredible show so quickly without him.  A credit to their talent and professionalism. My daughter was thrilled that “Turning Away” was one of the substitute songs, it is her all-time favorite.  I will come next year and hope to hear “From the Ground Up.”  Thanks again Celtic Thunder for all that you do.

Something else that Celtic Thunder has done is put me back playing piano.  My daughter gave me the Heritage Piano Book for my birthday and play it a lot. My most recent purchase was the Mythology CD and Piano Book. They both have such a wonderful selection of music.  We plan to continue adding to our collection. God Bless Celtic Thunder and pray for safe travels for all of everyone on the tour.