I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to everyone! I brought my parents to Centennial Hall to see the Celtic Thunder Show. Although, it wasn’t the first time that they have seen the live show, it served as a pillar of strength for my Mom.

She’s been a fan since the beginning in 2008, and finds solace in Celtic Thunder’s Music. She suffers from PTSD due to a chronic childhood trauma. It’s been a struggle for her through her entire life, and in the past two years I’ve nearly lost her 6 times.

This past August, my Dad woke up in the middle of the night to her seizing and posturing, unable to move. She was taken by ambulance to London Victoria Hospital and was placed on life support, and wasn’t expected to make it this time. This was Dads first time in having to deal with the issue in the beginning of the acute distress.

Over the years, Dad would be on the road and I would be there at that stage, and my Dad came in when she was in recovery mode. She survived once again with no permanent damage which was truly a blessing and miracle. These events have become somewhat expected now, but always hopeful that she’ll get the help she needs.

Anytime that she was feeling down, she had her ear phones and speaker playing Celtic Thunder Music. I know this sounds very cliché, and Celtic Thunder may have heard this a million times, but their music has always been the one thing that interrupted her negative spiral of despair, and brought her peace.

Mom always embraced her Irish background, with her family being from Tyrone County. A few months ago, I purchased the Celtic Thunder Show Tickets with the VIP Meet & Greet, and brought my parents last night. I’ve not seen my Mom so happy, relaxed, laughing and genuine joy in many years. She was singing and dancing the whole time and was feeling truly blessed to be able to meet Ryan and Emmet. She’s so concerned about others and said many times how much Celtic Thunder must get so tired after the show, and felt she would be putting them out and taking up their time. She is leaving soon for 3 months to a beautiful place up north near Georgian Bay to get the help and support from professionals that she needs to help her cope with her disorder.

The timing of the concert could not have been better, and Celtic Thunder gave her such a boost last night during the show and I can’t thank Celtic Thunder enough. From all of the humor and God Gifted talent of Celtic Thunder and provide audiences with is an extremely precious gift. Neil, Ryan, Damian, Emmet, Nicole, David, the harpist, guitarists, pianist, drummer and everyone in their entirety who makes the show come to life and possible, Celtic Thunder has been such a huge impact and helped our little, but incredibly strong 5′ Mom give her the most precious, amazing and Therapeutic Evening that no doctor, physician, medical treatments could ever do in 30 years. Since I work in the Medical Field that says a lot! (LOL) I wanted to let Celtic Thunder know that they truly make a difference, and are much more than just entertainment. I know many understand loss, have lost friends, parents and close loved ones, and have a story of difficult times in the past. Celtic Thunder sacrifices their time away from home, family, friends and loved ones, and I’m just so incredibly grateful for the difference that everyone has made in my Mom’s life. Thanks to everyone at Celtic Thunder from myself and Dad, and have an amazing time during the rest of your tour!

Sorry for being long winded! Believe it or not this is the short version!