Sarah is from Salisbury, Wiltshire in the UK and traveled solo from the UK to Red Bank, NJ to enjoy a Celtic Thunder Show. Sarah attended the Celtic Thunder Sound Check, the CTX Show and the VIP Meet and Greet after the show. Traveling solo, Sarah’s journey to the states was going to be new to her, so she wrote the below poem to share with everyone about her experience.

“I made a journey to the USA
Flying solo to see a band I Love so much.
My first long haul flight, so many nerves,
Lots of people, worrying at a peak.
I carried on to prove to myself I could do it.

Listing to the band I was going to see helped a lot.
Long flight, landed in an unknown place by myself
Fear heightening in me again, especially
Waiting for the airport shuttle in the darkness by myself.

It came really late, but I did it, I didn’t let the fear in me hold me back.
Strange room, strange place. It made think of my ancestors
Who made the journey so many years ago.

Next day came hardly any sleep, I was scared and worried
But then a new light came in me, I said
I can do it, I’m here to see this band I admire so much.

New journey to my final destination, Red bank,
More travelling by train this time round,
I’m nearly there, nerves still jumping up and down.
Arrived at the train station so quiet, but not dark this time.

Got in a taxi, another strange face but one that made me feel welcome
Arrived at my final destination my home for two days.
My fear is slowly ebbing, people here friendly and kind.

Concert day came, little sleep, but I was okay,
Excited. Soundcheck came, I saw Celtic thunder
On the stage there in front of me, the guys mucking around,
Me getting made feel welcome and not so solo any more.

The concert, blew me away,
Performance made me feel astounded
So many songs new and old.
Some brought tears to my eyes
Others made me feel really happy.
I felt safe I was with a family of sorts.

Meet and greet, oh what fun
So many laughs and so many memories made
I am from the UK but was welcomed
Into the Celtic family with so much kindness and delight.
I am here I am happy is my thoughts now.

The day was over, not feeling too good now
But I was on cloud 9, hardly slept again
Things going over in my mind. Time has
Come to go home. Got a taxi
Back to the station, this time did not feel safe.
Asking me questions that made me uncomfortable
Get me out of here my mind was saying.

Got train to airport
Just wanted to get home now.
Late night flight, noise everywhere,
But reflected on my memories, Celtic
Thunder on throughout the night.

I’m home now,
So many memories made
So many friendships created”