Emmet Cahill’s Ireland

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An Official Celtic Thunder Album Release – High Quality

Track List:

1. I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen
2. An Irish Lullaby
3. The Cavan Girl
4. Macushla
5. Sweet Sixteen
6. Danny Boy
7. Oft In The Stilly Night
8. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
9. Will Ye Go Lassie Go
10. The West’s Awake
11. The Parting Glass


Pre-Order for the 2/24/2017 Release Date



“As a Scotsman I think I’m well placed to be an observer of a phenomenon that seems to be as consistent as it is inexplicable.

That phenomenan is where a single Irishman seems to charm the listening public of America with his singing voice. It is obvious that Frank Patterson, Josef Locke and John McCormack achieved great fame but it has always fascinated me as to what the special quality was that elevated them above the rest.

Apart from possessing a naturally beautiful voice, all these men had that ubiquitous “X factor”. I firmly believe that this virtue is honesty. In a world where people struggle to find things that they can trust, I find great comfort in a singing voice that exudes honesty.

When I first heard Emmet Cahill sing some years ago, I was struck by this very quality. As we’ve continued to work together over the years I am further convinced that Emmet is perfectly placed to be the next Irishman in this prestigious lineage”.

Celtic Thunder Musical Director


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